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  • Elaheh Bos

The importance of review

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

One of the most important steps I have come to recognize is the process of review. Both for the writing and for the illustrations. When I am in the adrenaline of creating the illustrations, I try to focus on staying in that creative zone, knowing that I will be able to catch the inconsistencies and trusting my review process.

Some of just a few of my review steps that I share in the video


  • Printing the images to see if they are consistent to what I see on my screen. This is especially important for color and contrast.

  • Being able to see all the illustrations side by side to make sure that there is unity and harmony in all my illustrations.

  • Being able to catch mistakes that I may not have been able to spot on my screen, especially if my printed illustrations are to scale.

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