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Different types of workshops, book readings, or presentations are available. These can also be custom made to fit the age and needs of your students.


My goal in offering these workshops is to stimulate conversations and open new possibilities for growth. Through these workshops and by sharing our material, I aim to help children create a space of awareness, learn to tap into their creativity and inner wisdom, find creative solutions and acquire new tools for their emotional toolboxes.

Book readings & workshops for schools and camps

All our books are available for book readings and workshops.

  • I will consult with the teacher to choose the best book for each presentation/workshop.

  • I will adapt the time of reading and workshop based on the age of the group.

  • Average reading/workshop take about 30 - 45 minutes.

  • I can adapt the workshop if the teacher wants me to focus on any specific aspects of the writing/illustrating process or specific theme.

  • Included in the cost is a free copy of the book for the class and any additional materials needed if we are doing an activity.


Discounts are available for schools who would like more than 1 workshop in the same day.

I will do up to 5 workshops per day if there are short breaks in between.


For more information on the cost of these workshops, please contact me with the name and address of your school. Please specify if you have a specific book reading or presentation in mind or would like to consult together on the best options.

*ALL workshops are done in English although I can answer questions and explain more in French if necessary.

Hire me to write a book for your school or organization

I love to work with schools and organizations that help communities grow. If you want to discuss the possibilities of creating a book/collection and sell them as a fundraising campaign, please contact me to have a discussion and see if this would be a good match.

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